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We offer stainless steel tube systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries that live up to the special requirements of these industries, such as high corrosion resistance, sterilisability and drainability, in every respect. One such system is the Safetron tube system with exceptional surface quality and excellent weldability, which we launched in 1991. This was followed by Weldtron, a tried-and-tested all-rounder for a wide range of applications. And now we have added the ASME BPE product range of tube and fittings which includes clamped fittings.

We also have a wide range of tube systems for transporting gases – in small diameters, with a range of surfaces and purity levels to meet every requirement.

Customised prefabrications are another key strength of our manufacturing expertise – for the construction of pharmaceutical equipment, for instance.

Highly developed orbital welding technology, cutting-edge equipment and a flexible team of technical experts guarantee the economic implementation of our customers’ plans. To do this, they use isometric drawings to weld pipe segments to outflows, bends or valves. They can be electropolished, cleaned, tested, packaged and transported straight to the construction site – just as you wish. This all saves you money, time and manpower.

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