With almost 28 years’ experience in the Chemical, Dairy, Brewery, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor and Biotech industries Aqua Process Solutions ltd was established by Eoghan and Kate O’Donnell as a supplier of stainless steel systems, sanitary process components and accessories for many key industries, including Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical / Bio-Tech, Food, Beverage, Cosmetics, Water Treatment, Chemical, Power, and industrial applications.

Aqua Process Solutions Limited (APSL) supplies process equipment and components that meet the strictest quality and durability requirements of the Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Chemical, Petrochemical, Food, Dairy and Beverage industries within Ireland and abroad.

We pride ourselves on carefully selecting all of our industrial partners with particular emphasis on quality, design and customer service. We ensure all products distributed by Aqua Process Solutions Limited are strictly unique, best of bread and of noticeable quality.

Some of the stainless steel products in our portfolio include Aseptic process Stainless steel ASME BPE, BS, ASTM qualified Tube and tubular fittings, Stainless steel Vacuum pumps, Centrifugal Pumps, Stainless steel diaphragm Valves (manual and automated), Ball valves (manual and automated), SIP/CIP ballvalves, Compression ended valves and fittings, Tank equipment, Sight glass, Mag drive, man lids, level transmitters, load cells, certified safety relief valves, bursting discs, Mixers, agitators, 2-way and 3-way cocks, sample valves, shell and tube heat exchangers, tank cleaning rotary spray heads, re electropolishing on inner surface of s/s tanks on your site.

Aqua Process Solutions limited offers a complete supply chain service to our customers. We carry out on site equipment audits to help identify and ensure availability of critical items for your process. We also offer technical seminars run throughout the year for training purposes. We also offer a table top exhibition at your premises at a time that suits you, where we put samples on the table for your and your colleagues perusal and we are there to answer any of your questions. We also supply materials in size dimensions IMPERIAL, ISO and DIN, 304,304L, 316, 316L, 1..4404, 1.4435, C22, AL6XN, C276 etc.